Personal Branding in the Workplace

7 Days x 30mins (3.5hrs total)

Stand out for the RIGHT reasons! When people talk about Personal Branding, too often they think it's about looks, not the behaviours, that demonstrate a personal brand. This course goes deeper than that! This 7-day course gives you tips and techniques to create your best personal brand for the workplace. With video lessons and a downloadable workbook, do it at your own pace!

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    7-Day Program (Videos + Workbook) Approx 30 mins a day!
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What do I get?

Your 7 Day Program includes Video lessons + Workbook to help you create your BEST Personal Brand for the Workplace! 30 Minutes a day can change your career!

  • 24/7 Access to the content. Study whenever and wherever you like. Fit it in with your lifestyle.

  • Replay availability - you can rewatch the videos or even re-take the course if you want to!

  • Instant Access to the entire program (perfect if you want to do the entire thing in one sitting!) - no waiting around for information.

  • A downloadable companion workbook with activities to complement the lessons. This workbook has been specifically designed for you!

  • The secret formula to Hacking Your Personal Brand in the Workplace. Once you know this hack - you'll see things differently!

  • BONUS: The 'Future Professional You' template, designed to nut out what you really want from your career.

Change your future.

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Personal Branding in the Workplace

What you'll get from this course!

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Course curriculum

  • 3

    DAY 2: Frustrations in the Workplace

    • Lesson 2 Video - Frustrations in the Workplace
    • DAY 2 - Workbook Pages
  • 4

    DAY 3: Your Career Statements

    • Lesson 3 Video - Your Career Statements
    • DAY 3 - Workbook Page
  • 5

    DAY 4: Determine Your Values

    • Lesson 4 Video - Values
    • DAY 4 - Workbook Pages
  • 6

    DAY 5: Know Your Company

    • Lesson 5 Video - Know Your Company
    • DAY 5 - Workbook Page
  • 7

    DAY 6: Secret Formula

    • Lesson 6 Video - Secret Formula
    • DAY 6 - Workbook Pages
  • 8

    DAY 7: Personal Branding Perceptions + Contradictions

    • Lesson 7 Video - Perceptions + Contradictions
    • DAY 7 - Workbook Page
  • 9


    • Summary Video
    • SUMMARY - Workbook Pages
  • 10

    **FREE BONUS** Future Professional You Template (Valued at $25)

    • BONUS! Future Professional You - Workbook PDF

Why do this course?

You work hard to have an exceptional career - don't throw it away!

  • Get Ahead

    If you're looking to step it up in your career, you'll need the right tools to help you! This course provides you with a roadmap for your BEST Personal Brand, not just in your current workplace - but for your professional career.

  • Easy and Convenient

    Don't wait for a boss or co-worker to give you career help - take ownership of your own professional future! This course gives you background knowledge to build your brand. Study online. Anywhere. Anytime.

  • Made For You

    Tested by women in the Her Future Moves Community... and they LOVED it! Feedback has shown that Personal Branding in the Workplace gives you actionable steps to help you step up in your career.

Course Overview:

'Personal Branding in the Workplace' has been created and designed specifically for you! This course will give you the tools to create your best personal brand at work.

This course discusses Branding in relation to behaviours and actions, not your physical appearance. The extra awesome bit? It's been tested by women in our Her Future Moves Community and they LOVED their results! 

Who should do this course?

This course is for anyone looking to reboot their Personal Brand at work. 

You may be entering (or re-entering) the workforce, or looking to start a new job or switch careers. You simply may be ready to step-up at work and are looking to put your best foot forward. Whatever your reasons - good on you! This course can help you.

The information and techniques shared in this course are designed to be applied to a professional workplace (eg: an office, shop, cafe) but can be applied to most industries, in thousands of jobs and various environments. (A nurse, teacher, call centre operator, salesperson, administration, barista, assistant and much, much more!)

One of the coolest things about this course is how the principals you learn can be used to reboot your brand in other areas of your life too (school/university, clubs/groups, volunteering and more!). Once you've gone through this 7 Day course, you will be given insight into creating a better brand for your future - whatever you choose to do.

What's the Course Structure?

This course is structured over 7 days (approximately 30 minutes a day). However, you have instant access and are free to complete the course as quickly as you choose.

Each day has a Video Lesson with corresponding Worksheet/s. Watch the Video Lesson first because it explains important information for your Personal Brand and the reason behind the questions and activities on each worksheet.



Eg, Watch Video Lesson DAY 1, then complete the corresponding DAY 1 Worksheet


FAQs and extra info:

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