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Feeling stuck? Not sure what path to take? This is the perfect tool for you. When we visualise where we want to be in the future, we can begin to take action on the roadmap to get there. With activities with 20+ questions, this workbook will help you discover your ideal Future Professional Self so you can build the future you want!

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Why plan your future?

Creating your ideal Future Professional Self is a powerful tool!

  • Discover your Roadmap

    Life will always throw us curve balls and keep us on our toes, but knowing our ideal Professional Future Self can help us course-correct and keep heading on the the trajectory we desire.

  • Stay on track

    Ever feel as if you're going nowhere? This tool helps you focus on what's important for your future, so you can more easily navigate the present.

  • Easy and Convenient

    Instant access. Complete it Anywhere. Anytime. Don't waste money and efford on activities that don't get you closer to your goals - take ownership of your own professional future!

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