Personal Branding in the Workplace

7 Days x 30mins (3.5hrs total)

When people talk about Personal Branding, too often they think it's about looks, not the behaviours, that demonstrate a personal brand. This course goes deeper than that! This 7-day course gives you tips and techniques to create your best personal brand for the workplace. Stand out for the RIGHT reasons! With video lessons and a downloadable workbook, do it at your own pace! Approx 30 mins x 7 days (total 3.5 hours)
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Future Professional You

Downloadable Workbook

Feeling stuck? Not sure what path to take? This is the perfect tool for you. When we visualise where we want to be in the future, we can begin to take action on the roadmap to get there. With activities with 20+ questions, this workbook will help you discover your ideal Future Professional Self so you can build the future you want!
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Personal Branding in the Workplace

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    $157.00Personal Branding in the Workplace

    7-Day Program (Videos + Workbook) Approx 30 mins a day! CURRENTLY INCLUDES BONUS of 'Future Professional You' FREE
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    $25.00Future Professional You

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